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Take our quiz to better understand your bathroom behaviors and for help recognizing the symptoms of OAB.

Urgency is when you feel a strong need to urinate that is difficult to control.2

One of the symptoms of overactive bladder (OAB) is frequency: the need to urinate often — usually 8 or more times a day.2

If you experience urgency, you may not be able to wait to go. Leakage is also known as accidentally urinating after a sudden, uncontrollable urge.2

Many people with overactive bladder may plan their daily activities around their frequent need to urinate.3

OAB is a diagnosable medical condition for which treatments are available.2

Approximately 46 million American adults age 40 and older experience overactive bladder symptoms at least sometimes.1

As few as 1 in 8 women with symptoms of overactive bladder may seek treatment.4

For people with overactive bladder, the brain sends early signals to the bladder, causing it to contract before it’s full.5

Have you ever dashed from the car? Darted from a meeting? Raced someone to the toilet? All because you had to pee so badly?

Have you ever questioned your need to pee 8 times per day? 10 times? 12 times?

Have you ever had an accident? In the car? Outdoors? When you were just steps away from a bathroom?

Do you ever turn down a hike? Say no to a movie? Pass on a trip? All because you’re nervous about being away from a bathroom or constantly making excuses to go?

Have you ever used adult diapers? Panty liners? Pads? All to avoid the embarrassment of wetting your pants?3

Everyone pees, but not everyone’s experiences are the same. Visit About Overactive Bladder to learn more.

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