Is Your Peehavior Healthy?

Are you paying attention to what your bladder is telling you?

Although most women surveyed don’t think or talk about their bladder health, their peehavior tells a different story.13

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In a survey of roughly 2,900 women over age 18 on bathroom behaviors and preferences, the following observations were made.

Girl Talk About Peehavior

Watch a Stop Stalling panel of experts, including a doctor, patient and advocate, discuss how women can feel empowered to put their bladder health first. The conversation took place at the 2017 Blogalicious conference that united multicultural bloggers, influencers and entrepreneurs.

On the Radio

You may have heard Ekene Enemchukwu, MD, MPH, on a variety of radio programs discussing how OAB impacts womens’ lives and when it’s time to talk to a doctor.

In the Headlines

Catch up on OAB news and get tips for taking charge of your bladder health.

Find out how many women have used the men's bathroom when the women's line was too long.


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Learn how to Stop Stalling and talk to your doctor about OAB.

by Ekene Enemchukwu, MD, MPH

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Discover why it's time to talk about Peehavior and bladder health.


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